Rodini Films

This was a logo that needed a update, the original colours and style were were given a more modern look.

So Sophia!

This was an intro done for a local Youtube channel, promoting South African made and affordable products. 

Lockdown Reel – June 2020

A small logo exercise that turned into a full blown VFX extravaganza, this was full of different tests and FX, put together as a means of trying some new processes.


This was a little side project for a gaming intro, some 2D work into 3D, with a good measure of SFX.

Robstar Intro

A commissioned piece for Robstars gaming channel.


Done in Blender and After Effects.

Abstract Skull

A side project to keep the creative juices flowing.

Done using Illustrator and After Effects.

Swyft – Transit Guide

A transit guide for a Student Residence in Australia, learnt a lot on this project and was glad I could help them out.